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Lenses are an important component of functional and effective safety prescription eyewear. There are many lens options available that improve cosmetic appearance, visual performance and lens durability. AOSafety’s optical laboratories are ISO certified and manufac-ture prescription lenses with exacting precision, meeting or exceeding ANSI Z80 and ANSI Z87 Standards. In addition, all AOSafety lenses and lab processes have been independently tested and audited by COLTS Laboratories.

Ansi Z87.1-2003 Standard

HIGH IMPACT PROTECTORS: Polycarbonate lenses are the most impact resistant lenses available in the market today and meet the requirements for high impact protec-tion. Polycarbonate lenses can be provided with a 2mm thickness.

LOW IMPACT PROTECTORS: Glass and Plastic CR39 lenses meet the low impact protector requirements and must be manufactured to a 3mm thickness. Low impact protectors are required to be identified as such with a visible warning label that only the wearer should remove.

Duralite ® Polycarbonate
AOSafety strongly recommends the use of Polycarbonate lenses as High Impact Protectors. Polycarbonate is the most impact resistant lens material available and offers significantly greater impact resistance than Glass or Plastic CR39 lenses.

Features and Benefits of Polycarbonate

  • Only material that meets the ANSI High Impact Protector requirements
  • Significantly lighter in weight than Glass or Plastic lenses
  • Thinner lenses – more cosmetically appealing at 2mm versus 3mm for Glass and Plastic
  • Inherent Ultraviolet (UV) protection
  • Scratch resistant coating – improves lens durability

Features and Benefits of Duralite Polycarbonate lenses:

  • Meets the new ANSI requirement as a High Impact Protector
  • High impact resistance – recommended choice for safety eyewear
  • Lightweight – one-half the weight of conventional glasses lenses
  • UV (Ultraviolet) protection – blocks harmful UV rays
  • Scratch resistant coating – improves lens durability AO Compact logo tk SOLA Visuality logo tk

View our video presentation that compares the impact resistance of Glass lenses, CR-39 Hard Resin lenses and Polycarbonate lenses when struck with a steel ball traveling at high speed.
" Lens Material - Strength and Retention "

Lens Styles
Single Vision / Bifocal / Trifocal
Single Vision lenses have one focal power throughout the entire lens. Bifocals provide distance correction and near-point accommodation for those suf-fering from Presbyopia. Trifocal lenses provide the wearer with clear distance, intermediate and near viewing distances. Both Bifocals and Trifocals have visible segments that separate the distance from near-point viewing areas.

Progressive Addition Lenses (PALs)
Also known as No-Line Bifocals, PALs are designed to provide the wearer with distance, intermedi-ate and near viewing areas in a seamless design with no image jump. PALs offer natural viewing, with a smooth, uninterrupted transition from one focus point to another.
PALs are available in Polycarbonate, Glass and Plastic materials, as well as in Transitions and Polarized lens options. AO-SOLA PALs are featured in AOSafety programs.

Scratch Resistant Coatings
All Polycarbonate lenses sold by AOSafety are supplied with SRC. It is advised to add the SRC option to Plastic CR39 Single Vision, Bifocal and Trifocal lenses to improve lens durability. All Plastic CR39 PALs and Transitions lenses supplied by AOSafety include SRC for no additional charge.

Supercote ™ with Zeiss Technology
Longer Lasting Eyewear. Clearer Vision. Improved Eye Protection.
SuperCote is AOSafety’s new, innovative coating that improves scratch resistance up to six times higher than uncoated lenses.

  • Thermal Resistant – no spider web cracks under extreme conditions
  • Chemical Resistant – coating will not peel off or become cloudy under chemical influence
  • Superior Adhesion – coating does not flake or peel under normal wear and tear
  • Limited one-year warranty

Supercote ™ AR with Zeiss Technology
SuperCote AR combines a superior scratch resistant coating for improved lens durability with the benefits of a multi-layer Anti-Reflective coating that features a hydrophobic coating for easy cleaning and lens care.

Ultraviolet (UV) Coating
Polycarbonate is inherently UV absorptive and blocks 100% of UV rays at 380nm. A UV coating can be applied to Plastic CR39 lenses, increasing UV-A absorption to 400nm

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating
A multi-layer coating that eliminates ghost images and backside reflections, AR coatings increase light transmission by 8 – 12%, improving visual comfort. AR coatings are especially effective for night driving, inspection tasks, and when working at a computer.
Order SuperCote AR and combine the lens durability of our superior scratch resistant coating, SuperCote, and the advantages of AR coating.

Transitions lenses darken in sunlight and lighten indoors, offering an excellent choice for eyeglass wearers looking for eyewear that doubles as sun protection.

New Transitions V with ESP™ — Enhanced
Scientific Performance Provides improved darkening performance for Polycarbonate lenses.


  • Clear indoors – dark outdoors
  • Fast to activiate – faster fade back than ever before
  • Right tint at the right time
  • Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB
  • Performs well in hot climates
  • Minimize glare, day and night

Ideal for those driving a motor vehicle in daylight hours, polarized lenses enhance the most important function of prescription eyewear – improve-ment of visual acuity by blocking blinding glare. Other prominent features of Polarized lenses include ultraviolet (UV) protection, true color recognition, and availability in Polycarbonate to meet the High Impact Standard.

Poly IR
Our Poly IR lens is a new, proprietary Polycarbonate lens available in Green Shade 2.0 and Shade 3.0, meeting the ANSI Table One requirements for infrared protection.
Our Poly IR lens is also available in a True Color Gray and offers an excellent choice for those seeking full sun protection and high impact protection. The True Color Gray does not meet the ANSI Z87.1-2003 Table One Standard.


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